Al McKenzie


Episode 3.10 – 6.6


Thirty months for GBH & Handling Stolen Goods; Life for Murder


Al, as part of the Peckham Boot Gang (alongside Tina & Maxi Purvis), were sentenced for GBH and Handling Stolen Goods. Later on, Al & Maxi were held on remand for Virginia O’Kane’s murder. Al was later sentenced to life.


Originally from Glasgow, Al McKenzie moved to London to get away from her drunken and abusive father. In London, she met Maxi and Tina Purvis and formed a small-time Peckham Boot Gang.

Paranoid, quick-tempered and eager to sort everything out with her fists, she’s always on a short-fuse and always convinced that she’s been laughed at – she always assumes any form of laughter or gossip happening when she walks into the room is about her, and needs to be sorted with a beating.

Al once hero-worshipped Maxi Purvis – Maxi kept Al calm when needed, although Maxi would be more than happy to let Al go like the proverbial bull in a china shop when Maxi felt it was needed. But when Maxi lost the fight to Shaz Wylie, Al’s respect for Maxi diminished, and viewing Maxi as pathetic, Al helped her to take her own life – by stuffing toilet paper down her throat and making her vomit.

Eventually, Al settled into G-Wing a bit better – no longer isolated from her peers as she was when Maxi was around, Al managed to confront her abusive childhood and make friends – although Al occasionally dabbled in a bit of bullying.

Al fell victim to the supposed “Larkhall Poisoner” – which eventually turned out to be rhubarb leaves.

Pauline Campbell

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