Angela Robbins

Episode 8.3

Arson and Attempted Murder


Arson and Attempted Murder – it was “Andy” who did it, “Andy” being the other side of Angela’s split personality.


On first appearances, it’s hard to believe Angela is guilty of Arson and Attempted Murder. She arrived on G-Wing, meek as a lamb, and as a result was taken advantage of by Bev Tull, who thought she’d found herself a new skivvy. Angela herself didn’t know she’d committed the crime. But things started to get sinister – it became apparent that Angela was hearing voices in her head, the voice being “Andy”.

After lashing out at Bev, issuing a torrent of homophobic abuse towards Pat Kerrigan, and then attacking (and licking half to death) Lou Stokes in the bathroom, it was clear that something wasn’t right. Dr Rowan Dunlop diagnosed her with having Dissociative Identity Disorder (known in popular culture as “Split Personality”), most likely caused by a traumatic childhood experience – Angela, as a little girl, used to play “rudies” with a childhood friend. When her dad discovered this, he took Angela away as she screamed – leading to something that has caused her great distress. After her vicious attacks on Pat and Lou as “Andy”, Angela was eventually transferred.

Anette Badland

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