Arun Parmar


Episode 7.1 – 7.13


Three years for Credit Card Fraud


Arun – with Janine Nebeski – committed credit card fraud at the high street fashion store they worked in. Janine was given a long stretch of five years, because unlike Arun, she pleaded not-guilty.


Arun was born to Kenyan Asian parents – but was born a man. She changed her gender by the ‘op’ – something she kept secret until a stint in the block revealed her facial hear and the secret was out. On the outside it was easy – thanks to the new policy introduced by the Government, her passports and driving license were allowed to be registered under her new gender.

Raised in a mixed-race, middle-class Catholic background, Arun is devout to her religion (most of the time), and takes it seriously – swearing on the bible was something serious for Arun, and thus she spilled the beans about Janine and her credit card scam.

It took a long struggle for Arun to become a woman, let alone be accepted – and before arriving in Larkhall, that acceptance had been achieved. Arun enjoys being “one of the girls”, and out of all of them, she’s probably the most “feminine” in regards to being stylish, sweet-tempered and likeable. Arun enjoys a laugh, and even learnt to laugh at her gender reassignment when Larkhall accepted her.

Bullied by Janine and Natalie, Arun soon became suicidal once her gender secret was out – but with help from Pat Kerrigan, who Arun later fell for, Arun was finally able to settle down.

After directing the Christmas Panto, Arun mysteriously disappeared from Larkhall Рa likely explanation might be that she was transferred, or released early  in parole.

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