Barbara Hunt


Episode 2.5 – 5.16


Three years for Manslaughter


Barbara was found guilty of the mercy-killing of her husband, Peter, who had lung cancer.


Barbara’s middle-class and ‘posh’ – before her marriage to her millionaire soul-mate, Peter, she was married to Arthur: a strong Catholic who refused to divorce Barbara when they split, meaning her marriage to Peter was illegal and bigamous. Barbara also struggled against Peter’s two children, Amanda and Greg.

Prison’s a shock for Barbara – or ‘Babs’ as she became known – as someone who was active on the outside, the restrictions are hard to take, especially considering Barbara’s harsh claustrophobia. Barbara is opinionated, and was always used to her opinions being respected – so to have so many people take a deaf ear to them was a harsh wake up call.

Although Babs had middle-class sensibilities, and was initially a little shocked by the vile and vulgar on G-Wing, Babs overcame many prejudices and revealed herself to be a caring and loyal friend, and someone who could show a wicked sense of humour and a quick wit. As a devout Christian, Barbara was often found at the Chapel, but she wasn’t above fiddling the odd canteen account and stealing the odd bottle of whiskey from the Screw’s office.

Barbara found love once again with Prison Chaplin, Rev. Henry Mills, and the two eventually wed ahead of her release. Barbara kept a diary constantly in Larkhall, and always followed her conscience. She also showed she had a reserve of strength – she once broke Shell Dockley’s arm and gave many inmates and officers a stern talking-to and wake-up call.

Isabelle Amyes

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