Bev Tull


Episode 5.4 – 8.11


Five years for Fraud


Bev and partner-in-crime Phyl Oswyn, shared non-existent shares in a Costa del Sol golf course and ran bogus charities – apparently to aid Spanish orphans.


Bev was raised in Cheshire, by a local businessman and a Tory Councillor (so lying runs in the genes!). Bev was married to a wealthy art dealer – but he died from alcohol poisoning, after gambling away their joint bank account.

Bev’s creative an arty – of the two, Bev’s the actress and creative input, while Phyl is the technical brains behind the outfit. Bohemian in her style and attitude. While Phyl soon set her sites on being Top Dog, Bev was off chasing her nearest fix for the drug addiction that replaced her taste for alcohol. Bev has a softer, deeper side to her than Phyl does – but they’re both able to lie convincingly and con the last few pence from anybody. Bev’s also mastered the art of being an apparent “psychic” –  although her skills rely more on great acting and acquired information, than a ‘connection’ to the other side.

Phyl and Bev – collectively known as the “Costa Cons”  – con people to keep them in the lifestyle they’re accustomed to. In truth, they’ve had to deal with their fair amount of crap in their lives, and so they think they deserve it. Ruthless in accomplishing their own self-interests, they’re also incredibly loyal to one-another. When they’re not conning people, they can also be good fun. There’s more to them than the “Con Artists” they’re known as – as they settled, they actually became quite attached and fond of many of Larkhall’s inmates, although it wouldn’t stop them from conning them if they needed something. Bev’s got an addictive personality – and will do whatever it takes to escape to her own “nirvana” of intoxication. Gin & Tonics are the Costa’s usual order at the bar!

Bev helped deliver Janine’s baby at Christmas – revealing that she too had a son – a baby boy – at Christmas.

Amanda Barrie

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