Buki Lester


Episode 3.5 – 5.16


Thirty months for GBH


Buki knifed her abusive pimp.


On the surface, Buki appears to be a selfish addict: they’re ten-a-penny in Larkhall, and she’s just another one that would quite happily grass on her fellow inmates in order to save her skin or get what she wanted. The truth is, Buki has a disturbing past – she’s spent her life in and out of abusive local authority and foster homes, was raped and pimped from a disgustingly early age, and even gave birth to a son, Lennox, in Kings Cross Station when she was thirteen – a son she was later reunited with.

Buki’s full of self-loathing and guilt, and cutting herself open and taking drugs were the only things that could block out her pain. When Buki remembers the past, or is humiliated, she responds by taking a razor blade and slicing her skin open. But she’s got a big heart, in reality, and is desperate for love. She grew attached to Baxter, a young baby on the Mother & Baby Unit who unfortunately had AIDS, and was heartbroken when he died – and was upset further when she discovered her own baby was still alive and had Charcot-Marie-Tooth, believing she caused the hereditary disorder.

Buki’s learnt to fight and steal out of necessity – she’s a convincing liar, often making up stories to cover her past or true feelings. Now a former crack addict, Buki’s got low self-esteem and feels no value for herself as a person, something not helped by the revolving-door prison system where many inmates are treated as numbered occupants rather than people.

Buki’s life eventually turned around – she is now reunited with her son, Lennox, who was adopted by celebrity Christopher Biggins.

Kim Oliver

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