Cassie Tyler

Episode 4.4 – 4.16

Three Years, for Fraud.


Cassie embezzeled £47,000 from the finance company she worked for.


Cassie grew up in the city with a sister, Jillian, and Cassie soon grew up into a confident and strutty woman who knew what she wanted, and knew how to get it. On the outside, Cassie had been having a secret affair with her PA, Roisin, who was married with children. Sentenced together, Cassie and Roisin were sent to Larkhall, and while Cassie quickly found her stride among the wing, it was a lot harder for Roisin.

Cassie’s always been the type to find her feet quickly and make friends – and Larkhall was no different. Cassie’s out and proud about her sexuality, whereas Roisin isn’t, and Cassie couldn’t help but be jealous of Roisin’s kids and husband. In Cassie’s mind, Roisin put her husband and kids first, and Cassie soon got cold feet about their future together.

Roisin was the calming influence on Cassie, but Cassie struggled with Roisin’s inability to cope with prison. For Cassie, it was another, more dangerous adventure, but Cassie wasn’t tied down with family. Occasionally a little selfish, Cassie had a habit of doing without thinking of the consequences – such as when she managed to tweek the prison accounts at the Prison Shop!

Cassie and Roisin are now out of Larkhall (and hopefully) living together, after being given a pardon for saving Neil Grayling’s life.

Kellie Bright

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