Series 6, Episode 11

Tina finds a romantic interest at Larkhall, while Frances raises her suspicions about Kris and Selena - but they're about to find out more devastating news. Karen may finally have won the upper hand in her case against Fenner. Continue reading

Series 6, Episode 9

With Colin on leave, Julie J finds herself lost - forgetting about Julie S's check-up at the hospital in the process. Selena returns from Canada with good news for Kris. Continue reading

Series 6, Episode 6

Tanya Turner arrives at Larkhall, but she doesn't receive the fanfare she's used to on the outside. Meanwhile, Neil's on the warpath after all of G-Wing's staff test positive for heroin. Continue reading

Series 6, Episode 3

Frances is out on a mission to get drugs off G-Wing, and shows Phyl she won't be pushed around. The Julies and Tina prepare to show Fenner that he's on borrowed time for Yvonne's murder. Continue reading

Series 6, Episode 2

Frances reveals her true identity: as the new Wing Governor! All fingers point to Fenner as the murderer - will he be able to wriggle his way out of this one? Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 16

Fenner sorts Yvonne out once and for all - in the most cruel and distressing way imagining. Barbara and Henry get married, and Phyl and Bev swap the booze for something harder. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 15

Fenner and Di spend the night together - and Di reveals her latest trick. Meanwhile, it's the day of Al's murder trial - and reveals she's not as tough as she makes out. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 12

Karen and Neil come to a compromise - will this be the end of Fenner? Noreen returns to Larkhall, giving Tina some much needed help. Denny becomes suspicious over Colin and Yvonne. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 11

HMP Larkhall faces a backlash following Snowball's final, successful 'escape' from prison. Neil sacks Karen, meanwhile, and Tina helps Fenner set up Yvonne. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 10

Yvonne's given the task of protecting Snowball - alienating Denny in the process. Tina continues to feel isolated from The Two Julies - allowing Fenner to take advantage of her. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 9

Colin comes clean to Karen about Jim and Shell - while the Two Julies struggle with the reality of breast cancer. Neil is adamant about getting Di out of his life and home - but she's still got a few tricks up her sleeve yet. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 8

Julie Saunders finds a lump in her breast and becomes understandably anxious - shutting out a concerned Julie J in the process. Yvonne attends Richie's funeral - but Jim uses it to show her who's boss. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 7

It's a day for charity at Larkhall - but also one for home-brew and protest. The Costa Cons find themselves unwillingly transferred to an Open Prison, while Yvonne and the inmates take Christopher Biggins hostage in order to bring down Eric Bostock's privitisation bid. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 6

Di's newest scheme to keep Neil in her life is starting to hatch, while the Costa Cons plan to use the garden for it's most valuable potential - booze. Colin carries out the cell-searches - but the contraband found mysteriously disappears. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 5

Di and Neil's home life continues to cause problems, while Yvonne wants to get to the bottom of Shell's sudden transfer. Buki continues on her quest to find her son, Lennox, while the staff all face a grilling from their potential new boss. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 4

Shell goes into labour - and Fenner does his most disturbing deed yet in order to save his own skin. Meanwhile, Larkhall prepares for a new foe - privitisation. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 2

Snowball puts her next escape plan into action - and gets a chance for revenge against Karen at the same time. Fenner, meanwhile, has plans for Shell Dockley. Continue reading

Series 5, Episode 1

Fenner and Colin head to Amsterdam - but come back to Larkhall with more than a stick of rock. The inmates struggle with the aftermath of the explosion. Continue reading

Series 4, Episode 9

With Yvonne on her knees with a belt around her neck, it's up to Shaz to stop Maxi. Crystal goes into labour, while Buki develops a maternal attachment. Continue reading

Series 2, Episode 13

Nikki risks it all for one night with Helen. Jim blows it with Karen and ends up at Shell's mercy. Hollamby has an 'ecstatic' anniversary party thanks to an illegal gift from the girls on G-Wing. Continue reading

Series 2, Episode 6

Hollamby's in trouble, while Shell starts to come to terms with her horrific past. Barbara becomes wary of cell-mate Nikki, and Zandra's health continues to decline. Continue reading

Series 2, Episode 5

Shell starts to crack after her ordeal with Fenner. Two new inmates arrive - Barbara Hunt and Tessa Spall - but a mixture of papers puts Karen's life in danger. Continue reading

Series 1, Episode 9

Shell's turned Christian - but not everyone's fooled. Lorna's career comes crashing down around her, while things get complicated between Nikki and Helen. Continue reading

Series 1, Episode 7

Helen's approached by the sound of wedding bells, while Nikki finds herself surprised by Helen's trust in her. Shell manages to intercept Lorna and Zandra's drug deals. Continue reading

Series 1, Episode 6

Denny Blood has an emotional reunion with a figure from her past and plans to escape - will it all go to plan? Lorna attempts to save her career with a cover-up. Continue reading

Series 1, Episode 4

Rachel is forced into a desperate situation when Shell's jealousy and Jim's rejection goes too far. Zandra decides she wants to abort Robin's baby - but will she go through with it? Continue reading
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