Colin Hedges


Episode 5.1 – 7.6


Basic Officer


Colin was born into a ‘problem’ family – other members of his family were on the wrong side of the law, and Colin only escaped it by joining the service. He has an ex-wife, Marie, who lives in Newcastle with Billy, their son. Due to a problematic upbringing and a series of bad, emotional experiences, it’s no wonder Colin became a heroin addict.

Colin first took to heroin after his marriage breakup – since then, he’s struggled to have a successful relationship, although he’s attempted them with Yvonne Atkins and Frances Myers. But Colin’s got extraordinary issues with trusting women. Knowing his life has taken a wrong-turn, Colin’s habit allows him to hold down a job, but his self-loathing and addiction has put him in trouble on numerous occasions, and his dark spots have left him despairing his life at times.

But he’s good-hearted, and developed a genuine care for the women in his care. Damaged and vulnerable, Colin had a tendency to get emotionally involved with the problems the inmates face. Colin was suspended after attacking a Priest who was revealed to have abused a series of teenage girls – including Pat Kerrigan – with Sister Thomas.

Tristan Sturrock

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