Crystal Gordon

Episode 1.1 – Episode 4.14

Twelve months for persistent shoplifting


Crystal Gordon was a persistent shoplifter – and was imprisoned for twelve months for it. She was later held on remand for harbouring Shell Dockley and Denny Blood after their escape.


Born in Brixton to a single mother, Crystal grew up desperately not wanting to end up like her mother, who had Crystal and her two sisters and brother to all different fathers – and so she found Christianity.

Crystal arrived at Larkhall, determined to inflict her morals on the rest of G-Wing, and taking a very dim view of her fellow inmates actions. At first, she believed prisons were too soft, and was highly critical of G-Wing’s drug problems. In the end, however, Crystal knew the restrictions being locked up – especially after she saw her best-friend, Zandra, die to due the Prison Health System’s neglience, and seeing baby Baxter die shortly after her birth to baby Zandra, with newly found husband Josh Mitchell.

Many thought Crystal was just another preaching ‘snob’ – but eventually, Crystal shared a caring and kind side, and became a much popular inmate. Josh, the maintenance man (and eventual screw) unleashed Crystal’s romantic side – it was difficult to see what Josh saw in Crystal at first – but he eventually won her heart.

Crystal left Larkhall to live with her husband, Josh and baby Zandra, and are now hopefully living happily ever after!

Sharon Duncan-Brewster


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