Darlene Cake

Episode 6.1 – 8.10

Four years for GBH


Darlene stabbed a girl in the face with a pint glass.


Darlene worked for the yardies before her imprisonment – something that nearly cost the life of her brother, Terence, when she stole a bag that didn’t belong to her. She’s tall and strong – she has manic mood swings, and her boisterous attitude can be dangerous when mixed with her uncontrollable temper.

She loves to have a laugh – as long as you’re not laughing at her. Wildly sensitive, she loses her temper once riled, and will accuse people of plotting against her and making racist remarks at the drop of a hat.

Darlene will never accept responsibility for anything she does: she’ll blame everyone else before herself. Darlene’s chip on her shoulder had her being used by celebrity Catherine Earlham – facing a murder charge, Darlene set herself on fire – but was saved just in time by Donny Kimber.

Antonia Okanma

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