Denny Blood

Episode 1.1 – 3.8; 3.15-3.16; 4.4 – 5.16

Seven Years for Arson


Seven years for Arson: after being passed through a series of abusive care homes, Denny found happiness in a care home – where she fell in love with a staff member there. However, upon being told she was being moved on, Denny took her revenge by setting fire to it the home.


Denny’s vulnerable – her mother is a thrice-married alcoholic, and as an only-child, Denny was left to witness her mother’s disruptive behaviour alone, before being taken into care at the age of five. She was then passed through a series of care homes where she was sexually abused. As a result, Denny’s deeply institutionalised, and has been emotionally deprived all her life. As a result, she depends on relationships based on power and loyalty.

Denny’s hard – a good fighter who’s regularly in the gym, Denny is fearless – and if someone like Shell, an early obsession of hers, wants something, Denny’s not afraid to do it – even if it’s cruel, or results in her being in trouble. Denny lacks education – she only learnt to read in Larkhall, and later discovered she was a dab hand with a paintbrush with a unique style – eventually leading to her transfer to an open prison.

Denny can be easily manipulated – Shell often took advantage of her, and despite their more honest relationship, girlfriend Shaz could also lead Denny into doing daft things. Denny’s a great friend to the few she trusts – but also a deadly enemy.

Alicya Eyo

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