Di Barker

Episode 2.4 – 7.13

Remanded on Custody for the murder of Jim Fenner.

Officer (Basic) – Series 2 – 4, 6-7
Wing Governor – Series 5 – 6


Unfortunately for Di, she ended up in prison on remand for the murder of Jim Fenner. She requested to be sent to Larkhall to clear her name.


Mad Di Barker fell for a men in the blink of an eye – and also ended up in Larkhall as an inmate.

Di Barker (previously known as Di Grayling and Di Fenner), Di was working as a full-time PO looking after her bed-ridden mother until the stress took the better of her, and Di beat her mother within an inch of her life.

Di, on appearances, seems to be a jolly person who likes to get along with her fellow POs and wants to be liked by the inmates. With a sunny nature, Di appears to be a warm and friendly person, as if the Prison – and all its inmates and officers – are all part of a big, happy family. The truth is, Di – known by fans as Di Barking – is, well, barking mad! She may be all sweetness and light, but she’s got an obsessive personality – she falls in love incredibly easy, and once she does, she’ll stop at nothing to get the object of her affections, and will sort out anyone who gets in her way.

She’s full of self-loathing without knowing it – her obsessions are, in her mind, reciprocated. Once Di knows what she wants, she’ll get it – whether it be a man, or a baby (a baby often being another way to “trap” her men). Her disasterous relationships – whether they be with a gay man, like Neil, or an evil bastard, like Jim, were ultimately her downfall. Di ended up on the wrong side of the bars after being accused of murdering Jim Fenner.

Tracey Wilkinson

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