Dominic McAllister


Episode 1.1 – 2.13


Officer (Basic)


Had a small terraced house in Merton. Dominic was ready to join University – but he turned it down when his father became ill, so he could support the family with a steady wage.

Dominic’s isn’t as quick-witted as the other officers – clever, but not bright, Dominic is considered “wet” by officers such as Sylvia Hollamby and Jim Fenner because he’s kind towards the women. However, it works – the women respect him for his niceness, but often make light of his awkwardness around women and “sexual” talk (just ask Yvonne or the Two Julies – who knew him as “Dominic, Super-Dick”, “Biker Boy” and “Sexpot”).

Dominic’s not a fan of punishing the inmates with bang-ups and remission losses – some view him as a soft-touch, but for the most part, Dominic would never be a corrupt officer. He’s got a positive attitude and a dedication to making prisons more humane. He’s an excellent officer, really, but if the truth be known, he doesn’t imagine himself being in it all his life – he’d threatened to leave his job on numerous occasions, and often with just cause.

Wet or soft by reputation, Dominic was never afraid to speak his mind, and would often put Sylvia in her place with her dinosaur-aged attitudes to the penal system. He’s got a huge admiration for Helen Stewart, and even a romantic interest. It was nearly all-go for Dominic – but Helen admitted to being in love with Nikki Wade. Little did he know that Di Barker was obsessed with him. Dominic (who frequently talk his prison holidays) met a girl and is now living abroad.

Joe Shaw

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