Donny Kimber


Episode 8.1 – 8.11


Basic Officer


A boy from London’s East End, Donny grew up with three older sisters and became a Prison Officer, originally on D-Wing, but was transferred to G-Wing after fancying himself as a bit of Detective – he aspired to be a Police Liaison Officer, and was put on the Wing to find information out from Emira Al Jahani.

Donny likes the Prison Service – he puts on the uniform, and feels proud. Admittedly, however, he joined because he failed the intensive training course for the Police . Donny loves chatting to the women of G-Wing and engaging in a bit of banter – it’s second nature after growing up in a houseful of women! A cheeky chappie with a flirtatious side,  he’ll boost the girl’s confidence with a cheeky wink and has a sensitive side that makes the women feel understood.

As someone who takes his job seriously, Donny’s often been accused of being like a puppy dog, eager to please and wide-eyed. Donny’s always up for proving himself, but G-Wing saw him break the rules when he fell in love with Janine Nebeski – and got her pregnant!

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