Series 2


Helen Stewart struggles to come to terms with her feelings for Nikki, and it looks as if they might be the reason for her leaving Larkhall. Zandra struggles to keep hold of her baby, but there’s more tragedy to come. Meanwhile, Denny issues an ultimatum to her mother, Jessie.

New officer Di Barker arrives with a smiley disposition – and she’s clearly keen on Dominic, while new Wing Governor Karen Betts knows Fenner from a previous life, and seems (at least at first) determined to get him out of Larkhall and away from women.

Elsewhere, Crystal finds love while Sylvia plays the martyr once too often and finds herself in hot water. The Julies and Yvonne plan to make a few pounds by setting up phone sex lines – but Yvonne’s dangerous rival soon makes an appearance on G-Wing.

Series 2 Episodes

Episode 2x01

Series 2, Episode 1

Zandra Plackett worries that she's going to lose her baby - and goes to extreme lengths to keep him.
Episode 2x02

Series 2, Episode 2

Shell continues to torment Marilyn, but it's Nikki who's left suffering. Denny gets a visit from her mum, Jessie.
Episode 2x03

Series 2, Episode 3

Julie J gets a long-awaited visit from her children, but Sylvia does her best to ruin the reunion.
Episode 2x04

Series 2, Episode 4

Denny visits her mum on the outside - but is disappointed with what she finds. Sylvia helps Fenner clear his name.
Episode 2x05

Series 2, Episode 5

Shell starts to crack after her ordeal with Fenner. Two new inmates arrive - Barbara Hunt and Tessa Spall - but a mixture of papers puts Karen's life in danger.
Episode 2x06

Series 2, Episode 6

Hollamby's in trouble, while Shell starts to come to terms with her horrific past. Barbara becomes wary of cell-mate Nikki, and Zandra's health continues to decline.
Episode 2x07

Series 2, Episode 7

Helen returns to Larkhall, while Fenner over plays his hand with Yvonne.
Episode 2x08

Series 2, Episode 8

Crystal risks losing Josh to stay in prison with Zandra. Shell confronts her mother about her past abuse. Yvonne launches her new money making scheme.
Episode 2x09

Series 2, Episode 9

The inmates say goodbye to a well-loved inmate, while Josh continues to be angry at Crystal.
Episode 2x10

Series 2, Episode 10

Yvonne's nemesis turns up on the wing, while Barbara continues to feel guilt over Shell.
Episode 2x11

Series 2, Episode 11

Everyone's a suspect when Renee bites the dust. Helen has some fantastic news for Nikki. Fenner's wife frees him to pursue Karen...
Episode 2x12

Series 2, Episode 12

Shaz is forced to face the consequences of her crime. Nikki's jealousy destroys her relationship with Helen.
Episode 2x13

Series 2, Episode 13

Nikki risks it all for one night with Helen. Jim blows it with Karen and ends up at Shell's mercy. Hollamby has an 'ecstatic' anniversary party thanks to an illegal gift from the girls on G-Wing.


The second series of Bad Girls was a success for ITV, gaining between eight to nine million regularly, which soon led to a commission for a third series.

Series 2 was broadcast on Tuesday nights at 9pm.

Series Two saw the departure of Zandra Plackett and Dominic McAllister – although Dominic’s exit wasn’t revealed until earlier on in Series 3. It saw the introduction of many long-term characters, including Karen Betts, Shaz Wylie, Dr. Nicholson and Di Barker.

Series 2 Cast

Barbara Hunt (Series 3)

Barbara Hunt

Isabelle Amyes
Crystal Gordon (Series 4)

Crystal Gordon

Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Denny Blood (Series 5)

Denny Blood

Alicya Eyo
Di Barker (Series 6)

Di Barker

Tracey Wilkinson

Dominic McAllister

Joe Shaw

Helen Stewart

Simone Lahbib
Jim Fenner (Series 6)

Jim Fenner

Jack Ellis

Josh Mitchell

Nathan Constance
Julie Johnston (Series 6)

Julie Johnston

Kika Mirylees
Julie Saunders (Series 6)

Julie Saunders

Vicky Alcock
Karen Betts (Series 3)

Karen Betts

Claire King

Malcolm Nicholson

Phillip McGough

Nikki Wade

Mandana Jones

Shaz Wylie

Lindsey Fawcett
Shell Dockley (Series 5)

Shell Dockley

Debra Stephenson

Simon Stubberfield

Roland Oliver
Sylvia Hollamby (Series 6)

Sylvia Hollamby

Helen Fraser
Yvonne Atkins (Series 5)

Yvonne Atkins

Linda Henry
Zandra Plackett (Series 1)

Zandra Plackett

Lara Cazalet