Series 3


Fenner is at Shell’s mercy – and after a very close shave, he’s determined to get Shell out of Larkhall for good. Crystal arrives back in Larkhall, but will it spell the end of her relationship with Josh Mitchell when an obsessive Di Barker gets wind?

Shaz and Denny are influenced by new girl Buki Lester, but Shaz later faces problems of her home when The Peckham Boot Gang arrives at Larkhall – a gang who later cause a riot on the Wing. Helen and Nikki’s relationship deteriorates – and when they both find new romantic relationships, it seems Nikki and Helen could be over for good.

Karen is besotted with Fenner, will she ever take note of Fenner’s crimes? The Julies face trials of their own, when it seems Larkhall has a revolving door for them, while Barbara’s secret causes a rift in G-Wing.

Elsewhere, Sylvia’s maliciousness towards Shell comes back to haunt her, while new officer Gina Rossi sends shockwaves through G-Wing with her sharp, to-the-point attitude and jealousy towards Prison Officer boyfriend Mark Waddle.

Series 3 Episodes


Series 3, Episode 1

Shell has Fenner locked in her cell - and is desperate for revenge.

Series 3, Episode 2

Sylvia gets revenge on Shell by putting her on the Psychiatric Wing.

Series 3, Episode 3

Julie S is released on tag - leaving Julie J feeling alone and vulnerable. Sylvia takes the officers on strike.

Series 3, Episode 4

Di's behaviour towards her mother proves disturbing. Barbara's secret is revealed to the wing.

Series 3, Episode 5

Shaz puts Denny's life in danger when new inmate Buki Lester impresses them. Yvonne attends Charlie's trial - will she stick up for him?

Series 3, Episode 6

Helen puts her Lifers plan into action, and brings Pam Jolly onto the wing - annoying Fenner and Nikki in the process.

Series 3, Episode 7

A documentary team arrive at Larkhall, and Fenner plans to get Shell out of his life for good.

Series 3, Episode 8

Shell and Denny get revenge on Sylvia. Simon's job is on the line.

Series 3, Episode 9

Posh "it" girl Charlotte Myddleton arrives on the Wing, causing a confrontation with Yvonne. Josh is gutted when he finds Crystal on the Wing.

Series 3, Episode 10

Crystal and Josh celebrate their love - but Di Barker's hot on their trail...

Series 3, Episode 11

The Peckham Boot Gang arrive at Larkhall - and it's not long until they're causing trouble.

Series 3, Episode 12

The Julies leave Larkhall - and come back again.

Series 3, Episode 13

The Julies meet an old "friend" - Virginia O'Kane. Shaz continues to be bullied by the Peckham Boot Gang.

Series 3, Episode 14

Helen and Yvonne work together to get rid of Fenner for good. Mark tries to make it up to Gina - but a catfight between her and Di ends tragically.

Series 3, Episode 15

Di's apologetic, but Mark's adamant that she keep away from him. Is Fenner about to get rid of Helen for good?

Series 3, Episode 16

It's the day of Nikki's appeal - will it be good news? Fenner proposes to Karen, while Virginia O'Kane continues to be ostracised by her fellow inmates.


The third series proved to be a ratings winner for ITV, and also was the longest series so far at 16 episodes.

The series also introduced new opening titles, and a slightly revamped theme tune.

Introduced to the series were Buki Lester, the Peckham Boot Gang (Al McKenzie, Maxi Purvis and Tina Purvis), Gina Rossi (one series), Mark Waddle, Dr Thomas Waugh (one series) and Virginia O’Kane (for four episodes) – and saw the exit of Shell Dockley and Denny Blood (although they returned in Series 4 and 5 respectively), Simon Stubberfield, Dr Malcolm Nicholson (who later returned in Series 5) and the exits of the hugely popular Helen and Nikki.

Series 3 Cast


Al McKenzie

Pauline Campbell
Barbara Hunt (Series 3)

Barbara Hunt

Isabelle Amyes

Buki Lester

Kim Oliver
Crystal Gordon (Series 4)

Crystal Gordon

Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Denny Blood (Series 5)

Denny Blood

Alicya Eyo
Di Barker (Series 6)

Di Barker

Tracey Wilkinson

Gina Rossi

Lisa Turner

Helen Stewart

Simone Lahbib
Jim Fenner (Series 6)

Jim Fenner

Jack Ellis

Josh Mitchell

Nathan Constance
Julie Johnston (Series 6)

Julie Johnston

Kika Mirylees
Julie Saunders (Series 6)

Julie Saunders

Vicky Alcock
Karen Betts (Series 3)

Karen Betts

Claire King

Malcolm Nicholson

Phillip McGough

Mark Waddle

Paul Opacic

Maxi Purvis

Kerry Norton
s3_Monica Lindsay

Monica Lindsay

Jane Lowe

Nikki Wade

Mandana Jones

Shaz Wylie

Lindsey Fawcett
Shell Dockley (Series 5)

Shell Dockley

Debra Stephenson

Simon Stubberfield

Roland Oliver
Sylvia Hollamby (Series 6)

Sylvia Hollamby

Helen Fraser

Thomas Waugh

Michael Higgs

Virginia O'Kane

Kate O'Mara
Yvonne Atkins (Series 5)

Yvonne Atkins

Linda Henry