Series 5


Karen Betts and Yvonne Atkins fight to survive against Jim Fenner – will they both lose? Neil’s marriage to Di continues to worsen, meanwhile, Julie Saunders is diagnosed with breast cancer – and Julie Saunders isn’t sure what to do. Al has to face up to her abusive past. Barbara and Henry fall in love, whereas Buki finds the son she lost.

Snowball and Ritchie plan to be together, and Denny’s out to avenge Shaz’s death. New officer Colin Hedges struggles with his heroin addiction, but falls in love with an inmate. The Costa Cons plan to set up brewery, while conning the inmates – and Sylvia – out of their money.

Inmate Kris Yates has a plan to escape – but where does new officer Selena Geeson fit in?

Series 5 Episodes


Series 5, Episode 1

Fenner and Colin head to Amsterdam - but come back to Larkhall with more than a stick of rock. The inmates struggle with the aftermath of the explosion.

Series 5, Episode 2

Snowball puts her next escape plan into action - and gets a chance for revenge against Karen at the same time. Fenner, meanwhile, has plans for Shell Dockley.

Series 5, Episode 3

Karen's held hostage - but will she come out of this alive when Yvonne's gang gets involved? Sylvia struggles to cope after Bobby's suicide.

Series 5, Episode 4

Shell goes into labour - and Fenner does his most disturbing deed yet in order to save his own skin. Meanwhile, Larkhall prepares for a new foe - privitisation.

Series 5, Episode 5

Di and Neil's home life continues to cause problems, while Yvonne wants to get to the bottom of Shell's sudden transfer. Buki continues on her quest to find her son, Lennox, while the staff all face a grilling from their potential new boss.

Series 5, Episode 6

Di's newest scheme to keep Neil in her life is starting to hatch, while the Costa Cons plan to use the garden for it's most valuable potential - booze. Colin carries out the cell-searches - but the contraband found mysteriously disappears.

Series 5, Episode 7

It's a day for charity at Larkhall - but also one for home-brew and protest. The Costa Cons find themselves unwillingly transferred to an Open Prison, while Yvonne and the inmates take Christopher Biggins hostage in order to bring down Eric Bostock's privitisation bid.

Series 5, Episode 8

Julie Saunders finds a lump in her breast and becomes understandably anxious - shutting out a concerned Julie J in the process. Yvonne attends Richie's funeral - but Jim uses it to show her who's boss.

Series 5, Episode 9

Colin comes clean to Karen about Jim and Shell - while the Two Julies struggle with the reality of breast cancer. Neil is adamant about getting Di out of his life and home - but she's still got a few tricks up her sleeve yet.

Series 5, Episode 10

Yvonne's given the task of protecting Snowball - alienating Denny in the process. Tina continues to feel isolated from The Two Julies - allowing Fenner to take advantage of her.

Series 5, Episode 11

HMP Larkhall faces a backlash following Snowball's final, successful 'escape' from prison. Neil sacks Karen, meanwhile, and Tina helps Fenner set up Yvonne.

Series 5, Episode 12

Karen and Neil come to a compromise - will this be the end of Fenner? Noreen returns to Larkhall, giving Tina some much needed help. Denny becomes suspicious over Colin and Yvonne.

Series 5, Episode 13

Phyl and Bev return to Larkhall, while Fenner breaks into Karen's flat - it seems it may well be the end of Karen for good.

Series 5, Episode 14

Larkhall's in trouble - Di's Wing Governor! Kris Yates arrives at the prison - but what's her connection with new officer Selena Geeson?

Series 5, Episode 15

Fenner and Di spend the night together - and Di reveals her latest trick. Meanwhile, it's the day of Al's murder trial - and reveals she's not as tough as she makes out.

Series 5, Episode 16

Fenner sorts Yvonne out once and for all - in the most cruel and distressing way imagining. Barbara and Henry get married, and Phyl and Bev swap the booze for something harder.


Like Series 4, the fifth series aired on Thursdays at 9pm.

The series introduced Colin Hedges, Kris Yates, Selena Geeson, Bev Tull and Phyl Oswyn, and saw the exit of Denny Blood, Rev. Henry Mills, Barbara Hunt, Buki Lester, Yvonne Atkins, Snowball Merriman and Karen Betts (returned for a few episodes of Series Six). Dr Malcolm Nicholson returned, as did Lauren Atkins. Shell Dockley returned for the first four episodes.

Series 5 Cast


Al McKenzie

Pauline Campbell
Barbara Hunt (Series 3)

Barbara Hunt

Isabelle Amyes

Bev Tull

Amanda Barrie

Buki Lester

Kim Oliver
Colin Hedges (Series 6)

Colin Hedges

Tristan Sturrock
Denny Blood (Series 5)

Denny Blood

Alicya Eyo
Di Barker (Series 6)

Di Barker

Tracey Wilkinson

Henry Mills

Michael Elwyn
Jim Fenner (Series 6)

Jim Fenner

Jack Ellis
Julie Johnston (Series 6)

Julie Johnston

Kika Mirylees
Julie Saunders (Series 6)

Julie Saunders

Vicky Alcock
Karen Betts (Series 3)

Karen Betts

Claire King

Kris Yates

Jennifer Ness

Malcolm Nicholson

Phillip McGough
Neil Grayling (Series 7)

Neil Grayling

James Gaddas
Phyl Oswyn (Series 5)

Phyl Oswyn

Stephanie Beacham

Selena Geeson

Charlotte Lucas
Shell Dockley (Series 5)

Shell Dockley

Debra Stephenson
Snowball Merriman (Series 4)

Snowball Merriman

Nicole Faraday
Sylvia Hollamby (Series 6)

Sylvia Hollamby

Helen Fraser
Yvonne Atkins (Series 5)

Yvonne Atkins

Linda Henry