Series 6


Darlene, Natalie and Frances arrive on G-Wing as inmates – but Natalie’s crime is yet to be revealed, Frances is the new Wing Governor, and Darlene has links to celebrity Tanya Turner.

Fenner’s health after Yvonne’s death worsens  – is he feeling guilt? Tina finds love, as does Sylvia – with Dr “No No” Nicholson. Bev struggles with her drug addiction, whereas Phyl aspires to be Top Dog. Colin struggles with his feelings – as does Julie J.

Series 6 Episodes

Episode 6x01

Series 6, Episode 1

Selena makes a grim discovery in the hanging cell. Two new inmates arrive at Larkhall - and they're both carrying secrets.
Episode 6x02

Series 6, Episode 2

Frances reveals her true identity: as the new Wing Governor! All fingers point to Fenner as the murderer - will he be able to wriggle his way out of this one?
Episode 6x03

Series 6, Episode 3

Frances is out on a mission to get drugs off G-Wing, and shows Phyl she won't be pushed around. The Julies and Tina prepare to show Fenner that he's on borrowed time for Yvonne's murder.
Episode 6x04

Series 6, Episode 4

A new Muslim inmate takes to the roof of Larkhall to protest her imprisonment. Fenner returns to work - but it's clear he's not ready to be back.
Episode 6x05

Series 6, Episode 5

Natalie returns to HMP Larkhall: but she's not the frightened inmate she was when she first arrived. Frances and Colin grow closer.
Episode 6x06

Series 6, Episode 6

Tanya Turner arrives at Larkhall, but she doesn't receive the fanfare she's used to on the outside. Meanwhile, Neil's on the warpath after all of G-Wing's staff test positive for heroin.
Episode 6x07

Series 6, Episode 7

Fenner's back at Larkhall (again), and he's after the job of Wing Governor. The inmates on the Wing all fall ill - and all eyes are looking at Tanya.
Episode 6x08

Series 6, Episode 8

It's the Julies birthday, and Julie J continues to be smitten with Colin. Tanya Turner finds her way out of Larkhall.
Episode 6x09

Series 6, Episode 9

With Colin on leave, Julie J finds herself lost - forgetting about Julie S's check-up at the hospital in the process. Selena returns from Canada with good news for Kris.
Episode 6x10

Series 6, Episode 10

Neil faces the tribunal - and Fenner looks to hold all the cards - so Neil turns to an ex-Wing Governor for help.
Episode 6x11

Series 6, Episode 11

Tina finds a romantic interest at Larkhall, while Frances raises her suspicions about Kris and Selena - but they're about to find out more devastating news. Karen may finally have won the upper hand in her case against Fenner.
Episode 6x12

Series 6, Episode 12

Selena and Kris risk it all for justice. Neil and Karen have an unexpected wedding gift for Di and Fenner.


Series Six was unique in having irregular broadcast times – episodes six to eight were aired in the same week – and Episode 9 aired two and a half months after the eighth. The series originally showed on Wednesdays at 9, before Episode 5 aired on a Monday. After the hiatus, the series continued to air on Mondays.

The series introduced Frances Myers (one series), Natalie Buxton and Darlene Cake – and guest stint for Footballers Wives character Tanya Turner. The series saw the exit of Al McKenzie, Jim Fenner (although he returned for Series 7), Selena Geeson and Kris Yates.

Series 6 Cast


Al McKenzie

Pauline Campbell

Bev Tull

Amanda Barrie
Colin Hedges (Series 6)

Colin Hedges

Tristan Sturrock
Darlene Cake (Series 8)

Darlene Cake

Antonia Okonma
Di Barker (Series 6)

Di Barker

Tracey Wilkinson

Frances Myers

Eva Pope
Jim Fenner (Series 6)

Jim Fenner

Jack Ellis
Julie Johnston (Series 6)

Julie Johnston

Kika Mirylees
Julie Saunders (Series 6)

Julie Saunders

Vicky Alcock
Karen Betts (Series 3)

Karen Betts

Claire King

Kris Yates

Jennifer Ness

Malcolm Nicholson

Phillip McGough
Natalie Buxton (Series 7)

Natalie Buxton

Dannielle Brent
Neil Grayling (Series 7)

Neil Grayling

James Gaddas
Phyl Oswyn (Series 5)

Phyl Oswyn

Stephanie Beacham

Selena Geeson

Charlotte Lucas
Sylvia Hollamby (Series 6)

Sylvia Hollamby

Helen Fraser

Tanya Turner

Zöe Lucker