Series 7


New inmates and partners in crime Arun Parmar and Janine Nebeski arrive at Larkhall, and Janine’s desperate for revenge against Arun for pleading guilty – but Arun has another secret that will set her apart from the rest of the women. Elsewhere, Natalie continues to push her weight around – especially as Fenner’s returned from prison as the new Wing Governor. But it soon becomes clear that Fenner’s time at Larkhall is limited…

Sylvia believes she’s found love in Dr Nicholson – but what is he really after? Elsewhere, the Costa Cons find a new plan for bringing in booze – but it takes an unexpected turn. Di, meanwhile, is desperate for a baby – but husband Jim Fenner seems less keen. New inmate Pat Kerrigan arrives desperate for revenge against a Nun – but soon becomes Natalie’s foe.

Neil finds a new love interest in Sylvia’s son, while a new Governing Governor arrives on the Wing.

Series 7 Episodes


Series 7, Episode 1

Jim Fenner and Di Barker conspire to free him from prison. Natalie throws her authority around the Wing.

Series 7, Episode 2

Fenner loses his cool with Di, while Sylvia continues to be troubled with the voodoo 'curse' - but is her luck about to change?

Series 7, Episode 3

Janine gets her revenge on Arun. Di loses her temper - on Natalie - and it seems Natalie's out to see she's done for it.

Series 7, Episode 4

A young inmate arrives in Larkhall, convicted of murdering her mother - but does she know where her sister is?

Series 7, Episode 5

A nun arrives at Larkhall, and manages to unite the inmates. Fenner and Natalie continue their affair.

Series 7, Episode 6

The truth about Sister Thomas is revealed with the arrival of Pat Kerrigan.

Series 7, Episode 7

Natalie attempts to put new inmate Pat Kerrigan in her place. The inmates continue to isolate Arun.

Series 7, Episode 8

Di's determined to have a baby - does Fenner feel the same way?

Series 7, Episode 9

Fenner's found Di's hidden evidence, and the battle lines are drawn. The Costa Cons escape Larkhall - and Sylvia's honeymoon comes to a murderous end.

Series 7, Episode 10

Fenner's corrupt reign at Murdoch comes to a bloody end. Neil's job is on the line.

Series 7, Episode 11

Fenner's killer is revealed, but the Detectives have someone else marked. Phyl returns to Larkhall, and a new Governing Governor arrives.

Series 7, Episode 12

Di's on remand - in Larkhall. Julie J struggles to cope with what she's done, while Natalie's guilt is revealed.

Series 7, Episode 13

It's Christmas in Larkhall - and Julie J sees something disturbing wondering the Wing. A new inmate causes fright and chaos.


Series 7 aired on ITV1 on Tuesdays at 9pm. The series contained a Christmas Special – airing in December 2005, and a ratings success that saw Jim Fenner’s “ghost” haunt the Wing.

Series 7 Cast


Arun Parmar

Rebecca Hazlewood

Bev Tull

Amanda Barrie
Colin Hedges (Series 6)

Colin Hedges

Tristan Sturrock
Darlene Cake (Series 8)

Darlene Cake

Antonia Okonma
Di Barker (Series 6)

Di Barker

Tracey Wilkinson
Janine Nebeski (Series 8)

Janine Nebeski

Nicola Stapleton
Jim Fenner (Series 6)

Jim Fenner

Jack Ellis
Joy Masterton (Series 8)

Joy Masterton

Ellie Haddington
Julie Johnston (Series 6)

Julie Johnston

Kika Mirylees
Julie Saunders (Series 6)

Julie Saunders

Vicky Alcock

Kevin Spiers

Andrew Scarborough

Malcolm Nicholson

Phillip McGough
Natalie Buxton (Series 7)

Natalie Buxton

Dannielle Brent
Neil Grayling (Series 7)

Neil Grayling

James Gaddas
Pat Kerrigan (Series 8)

Pat Kerrigan

Liz May Brice
Phyl Oswyn (Series 5)

Phyl Oswyn

Stephanie Beacham

Sheena Williams

Laura Rogers
Sylvia Hollamby (Series 6)

Sylvia Hollamby

Helen Fraser