Series 8


New Wing Governor Lou Stoke arrives at Larkhall – and it’s a baptism of fire when the women and officers are left worried that new inmate, Emira Al Jahani, is a Muslim terrorist who has set off a chemical attack.

Meanwhile, Tina struggles with her release, while the Two Julies are left excited when Julie S’ son, David, announces he is getting married and having a baby. Pat Kerrigan and Natalie Buxton go head to head for one final battle. Janine finds love with new Officer Donny Kimber.

Elsewhere, Joy struggles when a new inmate reveals her true identity. The new Prison Doctor, Dr. Dunlop, manages to charm Lou – but what are his real motives for being in Larkhall?

Series 8 Episodes


Series 8, Episode 1

A virus breaks out on G-Wing - and in mass panic, all fingers point towards a new Muslim inmate.

Series 8, Episode 2

Janine attends her mother's funeral - but Natalie forces to do something hideous.

Series 8, Episode 3

Angela Robbins arrives on G-Wing, revealing a disturbing past. Joy insists on pressing charges against Janine.

Series 8, Episode 4

A new inmate arrives at Larkhall, determined to impress Joy. Lou goes to a strip club - who is she searching for?

Series 8, Episode 5

Stella's identity is revealed, driving Joy into danger. Pat and the Julies attempt to set Natalie up.

Series 8, Episode 6

A final showdown occurs between Pat and Natalie - who will win?

Series 8, Episode 7

Pat and the Julies attempt to hide Natalie's body. The Costa Cons cotton on to Dr Dunlop's secret project.

Series 8, Episode 8

Tina doesn't get what she hoped for in Court. Vicky finds out some truths about Rowan.

Series 8, Episode 9

Lou finds the truth out about Rowan, while Julie S raises her hopes. Donny and Janine have a day out.

Series 8, Episode 10

Janine's pregnant - and it looks like Joy's close to discovering the truth. Darlene is taken advantage of by a new inmate.

Series 8, Episode 11

Sylvia is haunted by a past inmate, and Janine goes into labour. Mandy splits from her partner.


The Eighth series of Bad Girls ultimately became its last. It features a Christmas Special – although it was meant to be a 90 minute special, ITV went and cut it down to a 60 minute episode (including adverts). As a result, many of the announced storylines and scenes were lost.

Series 8 was broadcasted on Thursdays at 9pm.

Series 8 Cast

Angela Robbins (Series 8)

Angela Robbins

Annette Badland

Bev Tull

Amanda Barrie
Darlene Cake (Series 8)

Darlene Cake

Antonia Okonma

Donny Kimber

Sid Owen
Janine Nebeski (Series 8)

Janine Nebeski

Nicola Stapleton
Joy Masterton (Series 8)

Joy Masterton

Ellie Haddington
Julie Johnston (Series 6)

Julie Johnston

Kika Mirylees
Julie Saunders (Series 6)

Julie Saunders

Vicky Alcock

Lou Stoke

Amanda Donohoe
Mandy Goodhue (Series 8)

Mandy Goodhue

Angela Bruce
Natalie Buxton (Series 7)

Natalie Buxton

Dannielle Brent
Neil Grayling (Series 7)

Neil Grayling

James Gaddas
Pat Kerrigan (Series 8)

Pat Kerrigan

Liz May Brice
Phyl Oswyn (Series 5)

Phyl Oswyn

Stephanie Beacham

Rowan Dunlop

Colin Salmon
Sylvia Hollamby (Series 6)

Sylvia Hollamby

Helen Fraser