Gina Rossi


Episode 3.3 – 3.14


Basic Officer


A former barmaid, Gina joined the prison service originally on D-Wing. She was transferred to G-Wing, however, after slapping an inmate who was flirting with her fellow-screw and boyfriend, Mark Waddle. Mark and Gina are convinced their each other’s love of their lives, but are both insanely jealous when the other flirts.

Gina’s totally aware Mark thinks the world of her, but is also aware of her own sexual allure. After working as a barmaid, Gina gained the skill of handling the drunken and disorderly, which holds her in good stead in Larkhall – although Gina’s fiery temper sometimes lands her in trouble when she’s a little too “hands on”. Quick-witted and fun, she’s got a fearless, confidence streak – and as a result, the inmates hold some respect and admiration for her. Handing out the stinging put-downs to those who confront her, she’s also the first to make an inappropriate comment in a staff-room.

Her gob was often landing her in trouble – she spoke to those in authority as if they were her mates – and sometimes failed to grasp the seriousness of the situation when she was in trouble.

After discovering Mark had a sexual liaison with Di, Gina announced her pregnancy. For a while, Gina managed to see Di’s manipulation of Mark – which ended in a cat-fight between the two women which unfortunately resulted in Gina’s miscarriage. Gina left Larkhall afterwards.

Lisa Turner

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