Helen Stewart


Episode 1.1 – 3.16


Wing Governor (Series 1, 2)Lifer Liason Officer (Series 2, 3)
Governing Governor (Series 3)


Helen was brought up by a Presbyterian minister – he brought her up alone after her mother died. After leaving University, and full of ideals, Helen was fast-tracked into the prison system with the System’s graduate training scheme.

Helen wanted a structured life – and she wants to feel she can make a difference in the world. With a natural sense of justice and an instinctive empathy for those in prison due to a hard life, Helen had all the gifts of the perfect Governor – although her constant fighting with the “Old Boys Network” leaves her always¬† trying to prove herself, and the inmates life stories and problems tended to take an emotional toll on her.

Talented and intelligent, Helen is always fighting prejudice and internal demons – and her uncompromising stance made her unpopular with some inmates and older colleagues like Hollamby and Fenner. Usually a stickler for the rules, Helen found herself in love with Nikki Wade – and did a few unprofessional (and even illegal) things because of it – but she always considered the moral implications of her actions.

Helen’s a great judge of character, but the fighting with Fenner eventually saw Helen defeated – although she is now hopefully having her “happily ever after” with Nikki.

Simone Lahbib

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