Janine Nebeski


Episode 7.1 – 8.11


5 Years for Credit Card Fraud


Janine, and her co-worker, Arun Parmar committed credit card fraud in the high street fashion store they worked at.


On the surface, Janine is gobby little madam and typically selfish, uneducated and thick-skinned, whose opinions and advice all came from endless watching of shows like Trisha, and not afraid to make them known. Thinking herself fashionable and sassy, Janine’s capable of being two-faced and a total gossip – when she first arrived in Larkhall, Janine was fists-ready for gobbing off and worshipped Natalie Buxton – in reality, it was part of her survival plan.

Bitter about being sent down – and furthermore, having to serve more time than Arun because Arun pleaded guilty, Janine became a bully towards her former friend – although when the truth about Natalie was revealed, Janine was quick to distancing herself. Janine eventually settled, and fell head over heels in love with new transfer Officer Donny Kimber. In the process, Janine became a more sensitive soul who wanted to better herself, although it came after a short flutter with drugs – caused by Natalie forcing her to smuggle drugs into prison at her own mother’s wedding.

Janine gave birth to her baby, Beverley Janine Kimber, at Christmas – Janine was initially very worried as Bev was born a month premature. Janine named her baby after Bev Tull, who helped deliver it.

Nicola Stapleton

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