Jim Fenner

Episode 1.1 – 7.10; Episode 7.13

Principal Officer (Series 1 – 6)
Acting Wing Governor (Series 2)
Wing Governor (Series 3, Series 7)
Acting Governing Governor (Series 7)


They don’t make many like Jim Fenner – and thank God for that!

Although he was once a happily married man, to Marilyn, with two kids, Becky and Tom – Jim screwed it all up by having an affair with Shell Dockley. This affair was vicious – Fenner regularly beat her when she stepped out of line, and Shell soon got her revenge by stabbing him in the gut!

On the surface, Jim seems like a great officer – he’s easy-going, and seems to care about the women. He talks to them on their level, and knows how to handle the majority of the inmates, and isn’t afraid to put the difficult ones in their place. But it’s the ‘difficult’ ones who know what a bastard Fenner is!

He seems popular with his fellow officers – he’s got plenty of experience (“wisdom”), and is always around to buy a round at the Officer’s Mess. He thinks he has all the answers, but comes across as someone who doesn’t – the truth is, however, Fenner’s a total misogynist, and sees the majority of women in Larkhall as a bit of “skirt” – and it rattles him to know there’s lesbians out in the world. As far as Fenner’s concerned, lesbians have something wrong in the head – how could they not want to shag him?

Fenner can be a complete charmer. Even the smarter POs like Karen Betts had to learn the hard way about what lengths he’ll go to in order to protect himself – and he will go to any lengths, even if that means murder.

Jack Ellis

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