Josh Mitchell


Episode 2.3 – 4.14


Maintenance Man (Series 2-3); New Entrance Prison Officer (Series 3-4)


From Acton, Josh entered the prison force where he met future wife Crystal – together they have a baby daughter, Zandra.

Easy-going but not lazy, Josh became a very popular member of the Larkhall staff. Josh knows that he could’ve easily ended up in the prisoner’s shoes – he very nearly did – as a result, he has great empathy for their struggles, but is no push over. Although he was once doing favours for Denny and Yvonne, he soon went straight when he entered the prison service as an officer – but he has no regrets: it wasn’t as if he was trafficking drugs, and no one got hurt.

Slightly shy and nervous around the more outwardly flirtacious females on both sides of the bars, he covers his awkwardness with his sense of humour. Despite being the kind of guy who’d have women all over him on the surface, Josh was only ever interested in one woman – his wife, Crystal. With any luck, Crystal, Josh and baby Zandra are all living happily on the outside!

Nathan Constance

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