Joy Masterton


Episode 7.11 – 8.10


Governing Governor (Series 7 – 8)


Originally from an industrial Northern town, Joy joined the army at sixteen and soon climbed up the ranks. When she was younger, she had a daughter, Stella who she gave up for adoption.

There’s no bullshitting with Joy – she’ll tell you how it is (in her opinion), in a direct, abrupt way – as Joy put it, “the only place for sugar-coating is a cake-shop window!”. Joy’s not bothered about being popular – she wants an orderly, well-oiled prison where the women pay penance for their crimes. A good bit of discipline is what’s needed as far as Joy’s concerned – and she’ll have no qualms in issuing it, no matter what the circumstance.

Joy’s got a relentless pursuit of knowledge – she’s got plenty of professional qualifications during the army. As a result, she can turn her hand to most things, and in doing so, gets to prove to the world what she’s made of. Joy’s got a huge issue with pride – making her over-sensitive to any kind of criticism, and she’s always reminding people that she’s the one in charge. If anyone does point out her failures, or tries to challenge her authority, she’ll lash out with extraordinary ferocity.

No matter what it is, Joy will go out of her way to accomplish it, and accomplish it above and beyond expectation, no matter how trivial it may be.

Joy’s life was turned upside down when her long-lost daughter, Stella, arrived in Larkhall (as a prisoner). As a result, Joy went down a route of heavy drinking to cope: trying to deal with the situation was one she couldn’t win. But Stella’s reappearance mellowed Joy a little, and made her see the inmates more as human beings – even toning down the disciplinary action.

Ellie Haddington

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