Julie Johnston


Episode 1.1 – Episode 8.11


Two years for theft; eight years for GBH with intent.


Originally, Julie J was imprisoned for theft – her and partner-in-crime Julie Saunders, working as prostitutes, stole the credit cards from their clients. They were then imprisoned for tipping boiling hot water over Damian – the pimp of Julie J’s daughter, Rhiannon.


Born as Sonya Dawson, and has three children: Rhiannon, Martin and Gary to her ex-husband, Andy. Andy took the children to America when Sonya was imprisoned. Andy also took out a restraining order on Julie J to prevent her from seeing her kids.

Julie Johnston, like her best friend, Julie Saunders, is a popular and well-known inmate around Larkhall, known by everyone as a one-half of the Two Julies. Julie J is immensely loyal, although she is emotionally weaker and more unstable than Julie S. Although both the Julies are soft-hearted and kind, Julie J has a tendency to gullible, and a target for people who want to take advantage.

Julie Johnston has had to accept that she’ll never have a proper relationship with her children – and so, Julie J gets through Larkhall by setting her sights on the new life awaiting for her, with Julie S and David. Julie Johnston was left scared and frightened when Julie Saunders was diagnosed with breast cancer – although Julie J showed an incredible amount of strength and support.

The Two Julies will do anything for their friends. The Julies are Larkhall’s resident redbands – they clean and work in the kitchen, but also had their own in-cell hair salon at one point. If you get on the wrong side of them, they’ll make sure you know about it. The Two are always coming up with a scheme to do something around Larkhall – such as setting people up, getting pregnant or brewing booze.

Julie Johnston was diagnosed with having Bipolar Disorder in the aftermath of Julie Johnston’s murder of Jim Fenner. Julie J stabbed him with an ice pick – to stop Julie Saunders from doing it.

Kika Mirylees

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