Julie Saunders


Episode 1.1 – 8.11


2 Years for theft, and later Eight Years for GBH with Intent.


Julie Saunders and her partner-in-crime, Julie Johnston, worked as prostitutes and stole their punter’s credit cards. They then poured boiling hot water over Rhiannon Dawson’s (Julie Johnston’s daughter) pimp.


Julie Saunders had a teenage sweetheart, Trevor. She got pregnant to him and had a child, David – who was educated in a private school paid for by Julie’s work as a prostitute.

Like Julie J, her best friend, Julie S is popular and friendly, and has an incredible heart of gold. The Julies would do anything for a friend in need. Julie S is the “boss” of The Two Julies – she comes up with all the mad schemes, and although not terribly bright, Julie S is the “brains of the outfit”.

Having said that, Julie S has developed a love of learning – and became very interested in poetry and “changing the system” – but her learning and exams took a back seat after Julie S discovered she had breast cancer. Since then, Julie S’s determined to do what she has to – even if it could get her in trouble. Julie Saunders is often the one cradling the more vulnerable Julie J.

Julie Saunders has a great sense of humour and likes to make people laugh, although she does take herself a little seriously at times. Julie S was also known for her “touch psychic” powers – and was often the one reading the tea leaves.

Vicky Alcock

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