Kevin Spiers


Episode 7.7 – 7.13


Acting Senior Officer


The son of a pub landlady and single mother – due to his father walking out on his family, something he never forgave him for.

Kevin trusts no one – a solitary weirdo who relies on no-one but himself. Good-looking, smooth-talking but utterly disturbed, he’s a dangerous man with dangerous ideas. His utter admiration for his mother has left him thinking no other woman comes close – he’s got deep trust issues, and will do whatever it takes to listen.

Like any dangerous man, he has a masquerade – Kevin’s is one of the sympathetic carer and a good-listener: he knows how to get the women on side, and makes them feel like they’re being understood – all the while, he’s carefully plotting his next move in his manipulative mind.

After an affair with an equally-dangerous Natalie Buxton, they conspired to have Christie McKay bumped off after she discovered them engaging in a kinky act in the chapel. After Christmas, he was never seen again…

Andrew Scarborough

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