Lorna Rose

Episode 1.1 – 1.9

Officer (Basic)


Lorna lives with her parents in Wandsworth, South London, and is absolutely dedicated to her job – Lorna’s single, due to her fear of running into ex-inmates in gay bars, and as a result has a solitary lifestyle.

Lorna loves her job – especially the uniform and the authority. But the truth is, Lorna’s dim – and the women know it – which is why she’s so easy to take advantage of. On appearances, her naturally masculine swagger and attitude make her the archetypal female prison officer – and Lorna’s quick to throw her weight around and threaten physical reprisals if the inmates step out of line.

Although she gets on well with the other officers, in particular Sylvia Hollamby and Dominic McAllister, she’s not particularly valued by the prison service – she’s just another foot solider, and at that, one who likes to patronise the inmates and treat them like naughty school girls, which annoys inmates like Monica and Nikki.

Lorna wants to be liked by the inmates, however, but her natural lack in intelligence makes her appear to be easy-prey, despite her swagger. In the end, Lorna’s desperation to keep her job lead her to making dangerous deals with Zandra and Shell – and she paid the price as she was escorted out of Larkhall in a police car…

Luisa Bradshaw-White

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