Malcolm Nicholson


Episode 2.5 – 3.6; 5.8 – 7.9


Senior Medical Officer


Malcolm Nicholson – known around Larkhall as “Dr. No No” – is a bigoted, selfish, conniving little twat who came close to Fenner in his evilness – no wonder they’re old friends.

A doctor who is totally and utterly feckless – he cares not for the inmate’s welfare, and will reluctantly give medication: something that was responsible for Zandra Plackett’s untimely death. However, when it comes to the inmates on the so-called ‘Muppet Wing’, he’ll be more than happy to dose them up to the eyeballs to stop them from causing trouble.

Malcolm’s negligent and lazy – although when he’s out to do something that will benefit himself, he’s capable of being utterly ruthless. After Sylvia came into a lot of money, Malcolm proposed and was determined to take her for all she had – he was devastated when their marriage meant the will was void – thus, Sylvia lost everything. And what dear Dr. No No do in her hour of need? He attempted to kill her on their honeymoon!

Justice came to this bungling buffoon when he was stopped in his tracks by Phyl Oswyn and Bev Tull – Phyl planted a bullet right in his head, making Sylvia a widow for the second time. Luckily for Phyl, he was presumed to be an unfortunate victim of the Spanish Mafia!

Philip McGough


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