Mandy Goodhue


Episode 8.1 – 8.11


Basic Officer


Mandy’s a butch and experienced Prison Officer, who was transferred to Larkhall from HMP Lintworth. An out-and-proud lesbian, Mandy was in a relationship with Sandy – with two dogs, William and Harry – but it was revealed Sandy was having an affair with an officer from D-Wing.

Mandy can be good fun, and the one to laugh the hardest at her own jokes. Prone to saying the most inappropriate thing possible in situations, Mandy always manages to put her foot in it, but is essentially a worthwhile PO with a good heart.

With a tendency to talk about her personal life far too much, Mandy often kept Sylvia up-to-date with the latest goings on in her life – a friendship which was surprising considering Sylvia ‘traditional’ views. A tad accident prone, but happy to get on with the job, Mandy also has a tendency to be a little dim, naive and gullible – often getting her into messes – but she’s also admirably loyal and kind.

Angela Bruce

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