Mark Waddle


Episode 3.9 – 4.14


Basic Officer


Mark Waddle was formerly a D-Wing officer – with then-girlfriend Gina Rossi – but Gina was transferred after slapping an inmate who was “flirting with him”. Mark was later transferred to G-Wing.

A ladies’ man, Mark’s aware of his good looks and the attention of it gets him from the inmates – he also knows how jealous it makes Gina, and for him, that’s part of the fun – and something that solidifies his relationship with her. Gina’s just as bad – she’ll enjoy flirting with her male colleagues to piss Mark off, for the same reason – put simply, Gina and Mark are equally as jealous and possessive as each other, which made their relationship fun, sparky and exciting – but also incredibly flawed, with constant arguments and break-ups.

Mark’s firm but fair with the women – he has a genuine care for them and their cause, but at the same time knows the issues the prison service is facing, and that in reality, the women can’t use “excuses” to pardon their behaviour. He knows the inmates will nick the steam of his piss if they could, and as a result, is a little skeptical and in a position to judge their actions with a rational mind.

Mark’s down-to-Earth and realistic. And while most women wouldn’t kick him out of bed, and would think he’s decent enough to be a long-term partner, people like Karen didn’t. Mark left Larkhall with a promotion, broken-hearted after Karen Betts dumped him – Karen wanted a Fenner-esque bloke, but obviously without the rape and corruption. Mark’s not a bastard – perhaps if he was, he would’ve been enough for Karen. Mark’s just an ordinary bloke who’s good at his job – and he should be congratulated for helping Buki and Roisin, and kneeing Fenner in the bollocks!

Paul Opacic

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