Maxi Purvis


Episode 3.10 – 4.12


24 months for ABH and handling stolen goods; remand for murder.


As part of the Peckham Boot Gang with older sister Tina and friend Al McKenzie, they were a small-fry gang found guilty of handling stolen goods and Actual Bodily Harm. Whilst in Larkhall, she was charged with Virginia O’Kane’s murder and held on remand: committing suicide before she went to Court, however.


The Purvis family were well-known for being a close-knit, criminal family. Joining the aforementioned Peckham Boot Gang allowed Maxi to throw her weight around – something she soon did when she arrived in Larkhall. Maxi was able to come up with excuses on the spot to wriggle out of bad situations, but lacked the ability not to lose face when losing a confrontation.

Fearless and ruthless, she’ll go whatever means she deems necessary to achieve what she wants. Larkhall became her playground, and she aspired to topple Yvonne as Top Dog, and enjoyed the influence she had over others. Maxi was even prepared to confess to Virginia’s murder in order to drop Fenner in the shit.

Fiercely protective over Tina, Maxi’s jealousy over her new friendship with Virginia lead to Maxi threatening to slash Tina’s face open, and eventually the drowning of Virginia in a backtub – which also allowed her to frame Yvonne and have power over Fenner.

Ultimately, however, Maxi wasn’t as tough as she made out – after being rejected by Tina, seeing a baby in a coffin and losing a fight to Shaz Wylie, Maxi took her own life by choking herself on toilet tissue – with a little help from Al.

Kerry Norton

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