Monica Lindsay


Episode 1.01 – 1.10 / 3.03


Four years for handling stolen funds


Monica handled £400,000 of stolen funds – she did it to protect her boss, who Monica loved.


Monica was widowed, and had a dependent, thirty-year old son, Spencer, who had Downs Syndrome. He died during Monica’s incarceration.

Larkhall was a huge culture shock for Monica – and she arrived frantically worrying and being bitter. Monica was sent to prison because of her naivety – she trusted him, and was bound up in a suppressed love for her corrupt employer: she wouldn’t normally do such things. When her boss fled after the crime, Monica was left to carry the can.

Monica’s age and class made her a target on G-Wing – but Monica quickly showed she wouldn’t put up with any nonsense, and managed to earn the inmates respect. Not many inmates would slap Denny to put her in a place – but Monica did! Monica was always available with an ear to listen to her fellow prisoners, and she soon became a mother figure to some inmates – especially Zandra Plackett.

Monica had a wicked sense of humour inside, with a quick wit. Her son’s death devastated Monica – and although an appeal looked like it was going to be successful, Monica tried to take her own life – but was saved by Nikki and The Julies.

Monica left Larkhall after her successful appeal, and after giving a heartwarming speech to the media, Monica opened a halfway house (that Julie S later stayed at), and Barbara gave Monica money to open a second.

Jane Lowe

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