Natalie Buxton

Episode 6.1; 6.5 – 8.7; 8.11

12 years for trafficking.


Originally remanded for income tax fraud, she was later found guilty of trafficking illegal immigrants and forcing them into child prostitution.


Natalie and her partner ran an English language school – but it soon turned out that it was a front for something far more sinister. She was trafficking illegal immigrants and forcing them into prostitution – many of them children.

She’s dangerous: she has natural self-confidence, dresses fashionably and has a charisma that gives her an air of being sweet and lovely. She’s not – her warm, estuarine accent hides a personality of pure evil. As far as Natalie’s concerned, if you’re stupid enough to be captured into the sex trade, you deserve to be exploited, even if you’re a child. Natalie may have been damaged in the past, which might explain why she’s turned intop a manipulative psychopath who is callous, clever and sickingly charming.

Natalie arrives in Larkhall looking timid – but this was just another act. Soon, Natalie fixates herself on being Top Dog, and before long is bullying herself to the position – and Natalie, unlike many previous Top Dog wannabes, lacks weakness. She’s intimidating, but also totally aware of her ability for seduction.

Natalie met her match with Pat Kerrigan however, and now Natalie’s body is somewhere underneath Larkhall, festering away…

Danielle Brent

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