Neil Grayling


Episode 4.2 – 8.1


Governing Governor [Grade 1] (Series 4 – 7)
Wing Governor (Series 7-8)


Neil arrives at Larkhall as the new Governing Governor, determined to make changes and stay on top of the officers below him. Neil soon set his sights (for some reason) on Jim Fenner – and it soon turned out his interest was more than professional. Neil has been married twice – to his first wife, Hannah, but the relationship ended when she caught Neil in bed with another man, and then a second to Di Barker – a marriage of convenience where Neil saw Di as nothing more than a beard – but Di was infatuated with her new husband.

Neil arrived determined to drag Larkhall into the 21st Century, with a book-full of management jargon and an extremely ambitious nature. Neil wanted to continue to rise through the ranks – but Larkhall proved to be the challenge that would get in the way.

Originally Neil’s career came above everything, including his own sexuality, and the feelings and needs of inmates and officers alike. He eventually came to grips with his private life, and developed a conscience – becoming genuine about reforming Larkhall and the welfare of its inmates. Forward-thinking was his approach – although Neil would occasionally try and keep his head off the chopping board by whatever means necessary.

The officers didn’t respond as well as the inmates to his efforts – he made enemies in the form of Di Barker and Jim Fenner who seemed determined to bring him down. His demotion to G-Wing Governor was gutting for Neil – especially as Joy didn’t respond to his techniques. After coming out, Neil enjoyed relationships with Tony Verrall and Sylvia’s son, Bobby Darren, but faced homophobia from Jim Fenner and a continuous plan to bring him down by Di Barker.

Neil was an unfortunate victim of Legionnaire’s Disease – which was confused as being a chemical terrorist attack by Emira Al Jahani. It was also revealed in his postmortem that he was suffering from Coronary Heart Disease.

James Gaddas

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