Nicole Faraday: “The Crew made fake turds out of crushed Snickers bars!”

In a fan Q&A conducted by a Bad Girls fanpage on Facebook (visit HERE), Nicole Faraday – who played Snowball Merriman in the fourth and fifth series of Bad Girls – revealed that the crew made a toilet-bowl of fake turds out of Snickers bars as a practical joke.

When asked about who were the jokers out of the Bad Girls cast, Faraday revealed: “The Crew! [In the scene where] Shell and Denny flushed my head down the loo after setting my head on fire, the crew had put fake turds in there made of crushed snickers bars!”

Nicole also revealed she’d love a part in Coronation Street, or “a regular role in any of the soaps” – could she be the latest addition to the ever growing Carter clan of Bad Girls actors?

Keep glued to for details of Nicole’s latest projects.

The full interview can be found on the Facebook page.

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