Nikki Wade


Episode 1.1 – Episode 3.16


Life for murder


Nikki stabbed a policeman who raped her then girlfriend, Trisha. She stabbed the copper in the neck with a broken bottle.


On the outside, Nikki ran a gay bar with her girlfriend, Trisha. Nikki was brought up by middle-class parents – her father a senior Naval officer and her mother a gin-and-bridge Navy wife. Nikki was expelled from boarding school for ‘lesbian activities’ – her parents, and her married solicitor brother rejected her.

Nikki is a “lipstick lesbian” – glowing with feminine beauty, but with a hard edge to her personality, Nikki’s a out-and-proud lesbian, and her parents rejection lead Nikki to run away from home and travel the world in order to find out who she is. Nikki’s got respect from the inmates and admiration from the officers – well, most of them – the old dinosaurs like Sylvia and Fenner don’t like such an outspoken inmate.

Intelligent, streetwise and aware of her image, Nikki’s got a love for learning and literature, and is constantly aware of her status. A natural sense of justice ensures that Nikki will look out for the more vulnerable inmates. Being a murderer gave Nikki some respect and fear – and she’ll use this to her advantage. Above all, Nikki’s no one’s fool – and it takes a lot of effort to win her trust. But Nikki’s also fiercely jealous – it can drive her to the point of self-destruction.

Mandana Jones

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