Pat Kerrigan


Episode 7.6 – 8.11


Life for murder


Pat stabbed her abusive boyfriend to death.


Pat’s whole life has been filled with one abusive bastard after the next – from the predatory priest and his accomplice nun (Sister Thomas) in the Catholic children’s home she grew up in, to the abusive boyfriend she ended up stabbing.

Pat’s got a hatred of religion and deep mistrust of doctors. Now a militant atheist who enjoys passing the time with the latest in Atheist thinking, Pat’s got no respect for religion after her childhood experiences. When she was sixteen, Pat suffered a nervous breakdown and was dosed up on diazepam – leading to an increase in aggression, anger and violence. When Pat raised her concerns, doctors turned a deaf ear – and now Pat has very little trust in doctors or anyone in authority.

Pat’s got a chip on her shoulder, but when she wants something, she’ll get it. Tough and intelligent, Pat loves a laugh and can hold her own – she can make a great friend but a formidable enemy.

Always looking out for the vulnerable inmates – and taking delight in nailing down the bullies – made Pat an ideal Top Dog. She even managed to sort out Natalie Buxton once and for all…

Liz May Brice

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