Phyl Oswyn

Episode 5.4 – Episode 8.11

Five years for Fraud


Phyl and partner-in-crime, Bev, sold shares in a non-existent Costa del Sol golf course, as well as running various fake charities to help Spanish orphans.


Phyl’s father was a knighted General in the Army. As a result, Phyl spent most of her upbringing travelling. Phyl has been married thrice: first to a professional tennis player, then a racing-car driver, and finally a former golf professional who deserted her for a younger model. Previously dated an Art Dealer named Oliver.

You need to be very careful of Phyl Oswyn and Bev Tull. Collectively known as the Costa Cons, they’d con the last pennies of their own parents and do whatever it takes to make sure they could live their accustomed life of luxury for the least amount of effort. As far as Phyl’s concerned, if people are stupid enough to be conned they deserve to be!

But Phyl’s also intelligent, good-humoured and – when she’s not conning you – good fun to be around. Phyl’s also fiercely protective over Bev – of the two, Phyl’s the mentally strongest, capable of bearing the grit of Larkhall and with ambitions to be Top Dog.

Phyl’s also the technical-minded one of the two: she can strip engines, set up booby traps and hotwire cars. While Bev provides the creativity, art and acting, Phyl provides the master plans and science.

Phyl and Bev are also fond of their Gin & Tonics – and their quests for a nice alcoholic beverage lead to them almost poisoning half the Wing with Rhubarb, and also Bev’s drug addiction.

As they settled into Larkhall, Phyl and Bev eventually found themselves quite fond of many of G-Wing’s inmates, although it wouldn’t stop them from conning them to get something they wanted!

Stephanie Beacham

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