R.I.P. Kate O’Mara


Kate O’Mara’s death was announced by her agent today, on the 30th March – she was 74.

As well as appearing on Bad Girls, Kate O’ Mara appeared in Doctor Who as The Rani, as well as a role in US soap Dynasty, and appearances on Absolutely Fabulous, Howard’s Way and the short-lived Triangle.

Kate played Virginia O’Kane for the last three episodes of Bad Girls Series 3 – where her character duped everyone into believing she was in a wheelchair – and was responsible for The Julies being returned to Larkhall, a fit up for her murder by Maxi against Yvonne – and her friendship with gullible Tina Purvis – who later changed her name to Tina O’Kane for the rest of the show.

R.I.P. Kate O’Mara
1939 – 2014


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It has been announced that Kate O'Mara - aka Virginia O'Kane - has passed away.

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