Rachel Hicks

Episode 1.1 – 1.4

30 months for possession


30 months for possession of Ecstasy, with intent to supply.


Born in Stockport, Greater Manchester, Rachel arrives at Larkhall desperate to keep her head down. It wasn’t to be: she got involved with Jim Fenner, causing Shell to get jealous and bully her without mercy, and her mother had just put Rachel’s daughter, Maddie, into care.

The cards were stacked against her. Her shy, timid and naive nature made her an instant target for bullies like Shell Dockley and Denny (Rachel was also unlucky enough to be put in the four bed dorm with Denny), and dim and physically weak Rachel simply lacked the survival skills to be on G-Wing.

Before long, Rachel’s inability to trust anyone leaves her isolated, her shyness a barrier for those – like Nikki Wade – who tried to help her.

Eventually, life on G-Wing became too much for Rachel, and she hung herself in the four bed dorm.

Joanne Froggatt

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