Return From Larkhall: The Inside Story

This article is taken from an archived version of The Official Bad Girls site, and was published in 2000, and written by Kristi & Helen.

It was a cold but sunny November morning when mine and Helen’s little adventure to Bow Studios began. We had no idea of what to expect when we arrived at Sugar House Lane (after an horrendous drive through some unsightly towns, getting lost several times through London and having to put up with beggars knocking on the car window at nearly every traffic light!) Would it be glamorous, modern, closed off, would we see any sign of the cast!…..


  A narrow road leads up to the entrance of the studios, also on the same road is a scrape metal place and a few empty units. The studios actually come under ‘Three Mills Studio’ which is at the end of the road where we found a sign saying ‘All visitors report to security’ that blew it! We almost drove straight through the open gate, but stopped just in time, (didn’t want to get thrown of the premises before we had got anywhere). Now we needed a plan of action!

Tescos car park on the other side of the studios was to be our next destination, what a good find that was! We parked our cars and loaded ourselves up with our winter warms and the cameras and set off in search of Larkhall!. Where the hell is it! We walked along the river bank hoping to see some clue as to where it was, then we walked down the other side of the river, nothing! All that we could find were old none disscript buildings, shopping trolleys and old tyres thrown in the river! Alcatraz has nothing on this place! Nice one Helen! We were getting nowhere fast, back to Tescos car park!..build7We decided to take another walk through a place called Three Mills. It is a very pretty and historic Mill House and what did we find there, but another entrance to the studios.

This time there was no security guard, so we were free to wander. The security cameras that watched the two main entrances to the studios must have at least 3 hours of footage of us both just wandering around getting up to no good!

Bow Studios itself is very dreary and the river which runs either side of it is a disgusting mess.

build2One big hangarA very run down estate faces it from the left side of the river. Vandalized cars, high rise flats. You get the picture?

Myself and Helen sat outside the back entrance to the studios trying to figure out what was going on, then it all became very clear.

build4Bow Studios is made up of about 6 huge hangers, that’s it, nothing else. So that’s where it all happens.

The makeshift prison is filmed in one of those hangers and the outside is filmed elsewhere on location!

The another hangarThree Mills building looks remarkably like the outside of the prison, same colour and style brick work, but there is no way this could pass off as the prison.

So that was that – the puzzle was solved.

It’s nothing more than a hanger in a very run down London suburb! And there was no sign of any of the Bad Girls…..

And that concludes the adventure to Bow Studios!

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