Roisin Connor


Episode 4.4 – 4.16


Four Years for Fraud


Roisin Connor helped cover up Cassie Tyler’s crime – Cassie, Roisin’s boss and secret girlfriend, embezzled £47,000 from the finance company she worked for.


Roisin’s vulnerable and over-emotional: Roisin’s nowhere near like the hard-bitten criminals she encounters inside Larkhall. Being locked away from her family, Roisin gained the freedom to be with her secret girlfriend, Cassie, but being apart from her children, Michael and Niamh was too hard – especially as her husband, Aidan, was convinced they could start a new life back in their home country of Ireland once her sentence was over.

As a result, Roisin becomes irritated by Cassie’s easy-transition into the prison system, and it’s not long until Roisin tries to cope with drugs, which eventually lead her into a mental breakdown. However, Roisin did manage to bring a maternal edge into Larkhall, looking after a great many of the vulnerable, younger inmates. Roisin’s got a hidden reserve of strength and resilience – when the push comes to the shove, she showed an incredible amount of bravery and cool (were it not for Roisin, Neil may well have died after the Larkhall bomb).

Roisin eventually managed to accept her relationship with Cassie more openly – and is now hopefully living on the outside with Cassie and her children, after they both received a free pardon for their heroic actions during the Larkhall bomb.

Siobhan McCarthy

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