Rowan Dunlop


Episode 8.1 – 8.9


Senior Medical Officer


A consultant psychiatrist, married to Hannah, who is pregnant. Before entering Larkhall, he ran his own Harley Street practise but was later sued by a patient for malpractice.

A little pompus, Rowan appears to be earnest and dedicated. His handsome charm has made a lot of nurses in his career fall for him, and Rowan would go there if there was something in it for him. Incredibly ambitious, and from a long line of doctors and lawyers, Rowan is confident and sure of himself, and convinced everyone needs to know who he is – and perhaps, being on the front of a bestselling book or his own medical show will do that.

Arriving in Larkhall to find his own guinea pigs for his book, it’s not long until the Costa Cons crack onto his ambitions. With Wing Governor Lou Stoke under his spell, it seemed Rowan was well on the way – but the Costas and Lou’s sister, Vicky, soon put an end to that.

After his true intentions and home life were revealed to a smitten Lou, Lou attacked Colin half to death – and Lou and Colin were never seen in Larkhall again after Joy put an end to their careers.

Colin Salmon

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