Series 1, Episode 1

Written by Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Mike Adams

Air Date: 1st June, 1999


While most of the inmates take part in a dress rehearsal for the upcoming Larkhall fashion show, a pregnant inmate, Carol Byatt, screams in pain in her cell. Hollamby yells at her to be quiet, believing that Carol’s pleas for the doctor are nothing more than attention seeking and she’ll have to be content with seeing him in the morning. The following morning, Dominic unlocks Carol’s cell to find her unconscious and covered with blood. Although Carol is almost immediately rushed off to hospital, it is much too late to save her baby.

Wing governor Helen Stewart returns from the hospital determined to get to the bottom of the events of the previous evening, but with Fenner and Hollamby backing each other up, it’s a case of Carol’s word against theirs. Helen decides to call a wing meeting to inform the inmates of Carol’s condition but is unprepared for the hostile reception she receives. Nikki is most vocal in her condemnation and angrily informs Helen that unless the officers improve their attitude to the inmates, she can forget all about the inmates putting on a good show for the VIP guest-list at the upcoming fashion show. Helen, stung into anger by Nikki’s outburst causes more uproar by cancelling the show and then places Nikki on Rule forty-three – solitary confinement on the punishment block.

Principal Officer Fenner goes to speak to Wing Governor Helen Stewart about Rachel Hicks, a new inmate who he seems to have taken a bit of a shine to. Although Helen agrees to his request to give her a job cleaning in the officer’s room, she is unable to assign her a cell on G3 until one becomes vacant. Although Fenner’s real motives may be questionable, he is right to be concerned about her being bullied – G-Wing nutter in residence, Shell Dockley has discovered that Rachel is doing time for possession with intent to supply and is pressuring her for a list of her suppliers on the outside.

A new inmate arrives on the wing – ‘Smelly’ Nellie Snape – whose reputation, and pong, precedes her. The Julies are horrified when Nellie is assigned to their cell and are forced to hatch a cunning plan to get rid of her and her unhygienic habits as soon as possible. When they hear that Nellie is due to go for her hearing at the magistrate’s court the following morning, they alter the dress that Shell was due to wear at the fashion show; their premise being that the magistrate is more likely to give Nellie a fine rather than a custodial sentence if she looks presentable. Fortunately, the plan works and the Julies heave big sighs of relief…now all they have to do is avoid Shell’s wrath.

Shell, who was relishing the prospect of strutting her stuff on the catwalk, is furious when it is cancelled and orders Fenner to “fix it, or else”. Fenner decides to go over Helen’s head to governing governor Simon Stubberfield. After hearing Fenner’s complaints, Stubberfield calls Helen to his office and orders her to reinstate the fashion show. Realising that there is only one way she can save face, Helen goes to the block to ask for Nikki’s help. Nikki is dismissive and more than a little scathing in her reply but Helen manages to strike a chord when she tells her that they can both either climb down or fall victim to the ‘old boys network’. Nikki grudgingly agrees to help.

Back on the wing, Nikki announces to the other inmates that the fashion show is back on and that she’s promised Helen that G-Wing will give it their all. This news is greeted by cheers and Nikki is treated like a hero. Fenner, although irritated by the turn of events, clearly has a measure of admiration for Helen’s tactic and smiles ruefully as she leaves the wing. The show is a resounding success and afterwards, Helen makes a point of thanking Nikki for her cooperation only to receive another dose of hostility.

Rachel has been moved up to enhanced only to find that Shell is in the neighbouring cell…talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire! After lock-up, Shell decides to assert her authority and shouts threats through the wall, not knowing that Fenner is in Rachel’s cell and already working his wicked way on her.


Hollamby – “My Bobby’s doing his braised meatballs tonight.”
Lorna – “Lucky you.”
Bodybag – “I am Lorna, I’ve been salivering all day.”

Fenner – “Morning ma’am.”
Helen – “Please Jim, I’m not the bloody queen!”

Nikki – “Now let me say it for her, well what’s she’s telling us is that we’re all the same, because even when we’re bleeding to death, we don’t get believed. Well I’m telling her from us, you can’t run this prison unless we help you, and if we don’t get respect from your screws then don’t think that we’re going to make you look good in front of your VIP visitors because we’re not! So, you can shove your stupid fashion show up your arse!”
Helen – “Fine, consider it cancelled! This wing will not be taking part. (Points at Nikki) You are on rule 43!”

Julie S – “Who are we?”
Julie J – “We’re the two Julies.”
Julie S – “And who can come between us?”
Julie J – “Nobody and nothing ever.”

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This is the first episode of Bad Girls.

It managed 7.99 million viewers (the highest for Series One)

The opening song is N-Trance’s “Stayin’ Alive” – a revamped cover of the Bee Gees classic.

This is the first appearance of:

Helen Stewart
Jim Fenner
Nikki Wade
Shell Dockley
Denny Blood
Julie Saunders
Julie Johnston
Sylvia Hollamby
Dominic McAllister
Lorna Rose
Rachel Hicks
Sean Parr
Simon Stubberfield

This is the only appearance of

Carol Byatt
“Smelly” Nellie Snape

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