Series 1, Episode 2

Written by Maureen Chadwick
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Mike Adams

Air Date: 8th June, 1999


The meat-wagon arrives with an influx of new prisoners; amongst them are Zandra Plackett, a junkie who has already done time on remand in Larkhall, and Monica Lindsey, a woman in her fifties who is totally unprepared for prison-life. The reception procedure proves to be harrowing for Monica, but it is her son, Spencer, who proves to be her real concern – he suffers from Downs Syndrome and has never spent a night away from her before.

Helen, concerned about the drug problem on the wing, calls Fenner and Hollamby into her office and accuses them of fiddling test results by only testing women they know are clean in order to avoid the paperwork. Fenner is keen to brush the whole business under the carpet, and Hollamby protests about the distasteful nature of the work but Helen won’t be swayed and instructs them both that from now on, they will only test women they suspect are taking drugs. In order to make it clear to the inmates that she means business, Helen launches a new scheme in which the inmates can write anonymously to the DST (Dedicated Search Team) and inform them of anyone they suspect are using drugs.

Shell makes another attempt at victimising Rachel, but luckily, Nikki intervenes. Nikki already suspects that Fenner might be taking advantage of his position and makes a point of warning Rachel to steer clear of him – the fact that Fenner is a complete shit should be reason enough, but there’s also his “relationship” with Shell to consider – she’s already serving life for killing a woman she was jealous of. However, Rachel chooses not to follow Nikki’s advice and the next time she is alone with Fenner, she tells him that she loves him.

Zandra is terrified when she is assigned to a cell on G-Wing – she still owes Shell and Denny for some smack she got on credit last time she was on remand, and has a feeling that it won’t be long before Shell decides to collect. Things get even worse for Zandra when she discovers that she will be celled up in the dorm with Denny who recognises her immediately. Monica is quick to intervene when Denny tries to attack Zandra, but it’s only a matter of time before Shell and Denny get her on her own and violently de-crutch her, stealing the stash she has smuggled in with her as payment for her outstanding debt.

Helen’s new scheme has given Shell an idea of a way to get one over Nikki whilst putting the fear of God into Rachel in the process. She forces Rachel to write a letter to the DST, saying that Nikki is trying to get her to use her contacts on the outside to bring drugs into the prison. After receiving Rachel’s letter, it’s only a matter of time before the DST swoop on Nikki’s cell and tear it apart before forcing her to strip and squat over a mirror. Helen is appalled when she hears about Nikki’s ordeal from a smug Fenner and goes to speak with her. Nikki is unsurprisingly hostile and very nearly goes ballistic when Helen tries to explain that her new scheme will benefit all of the wing’s non-users in the long-run.

Feeling bad about what happened to Nikki, Rachel confesses to Fenner about Shell and the letter to the DST. Although he seems unconcerned on the surface, Fenner is clearly spooked as he warns Rachel to stay away from Shell. Later, Fenner takes Shell to one side and tears a strip off her for forcing Rachel to write the letter to the DST. He warns Shell to stay away from Rachel, saying that she’s trouble – if she’ll blab to him about the letter, there’s no telling what she’ll say to someone else about him. Shell smells a rat and begins to realise that there might be more to Fenner and Rachel’s relationship than meets the eye.

It’s visiting time and Monica is looking forward to seeing her son and although he is equally as delighted to see her, he doesn’t understand why she can’t come home. On the other side of the room, Nikki is pleased to see her girlfriend Trisha, but Zandra, who was expecting a visit and some gear from her fiancé, is devastated when he doesn’t turn up. Overseeing the proceedings are the DST who have been instructed by Helen to make their presence felt. When a couple start to kiss in an attempt to exchange a packet of drugs, the DST swoop and upset Spencer in the process.

The inmates use the events during visiting as an excuse to start causing trouble so are not let out for association. Helen, now having doubts about the way she tried to handle the drugs problem, apologises to the other officers and admits that it was a bad idea to get the DST involved. For Fenner, this is just another reason for him to think that Helen is out of her depth.


Dawn – “Are you going to the karaoke tonight?”
Nikki – “No, don’t wanna see Dockley singing her tits off.”

Bodybag – “Well excuse me! Well I think it’s us women officers should be complaining about urine tests, it’s alright for the men’s prisons, they’re always showing themselves to each other but I don’t want to watch women going to the toilet.”

Zandra – “What’s your name?”
Monica – “Monica.”
Zandra – “Ooooh, Mon-I-car! That’s interesting, I’m Zarn-drar. Mon-I-car and Zarn-drar, well, it sounds interesting. What would be interesting is if it didn’t take half a day to go through this BORING BOLLOCKS!”

Hollamby – “See the attitude? As if it’s the highlight of my day to peer up women’s smelly bottoms.”

DST Officer – “Legs apart, squat down.”
Nikki – “God, it must drive you mad not being able to touch me.”

Nikki – “Who the hell do you think I am? Head bloody prefect? Go and tell a sodding screw!”
Monica – “I don’t trust the sodding screws, do you?”

Shell – “Oi Wade! Did you have a good time with the squat squad?”
Nikki – “Yeah, fantastic…well I did with the good-looking one!”

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The episode achieved 7.39 million viewers.

This is the first appearance of:

Monica Lindsay
Zandra Plackett
Spencer Lindsay
Ms. Wall
Ken Blakeson

This is the only appearance of:

Ms Carter

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