Series 1, Episode 4

Written by Martin Allen
Produced by Brian Park
Directed by Laurence Moody

Air Date: 22nd June, 1999


Zandra has decided to abort Robin’s baby and an appointment has been made for her at the clinic. As soon as she’s settled down in an examination room, Zandra bursts into tears and starts to make Lorna feel uncomfortable by asking her if she will be able to see her baby after it has been aborted. Not knowing how to handle Zandra in the state she’s in, Lorna panics and heads off to find a nurse. As soon as she’s alone, Zandra’s tears miraculously dry up, and while Lorna and Dominic are otherwise occupied, she sneaks into the corridor and out of the hospital. Before long, Lorna returns to Zandra’s room only to find that she’s legged it. Dominic hasn’t seen her either, but before he can phone news of the escape through to Larkhall, Lorna stops him, suggesting that they should look for Zandra themselves before making the escape official.

Fenner goes to see Rachel in her cell, hoping that he’ll be able to fit in a quickie before lunchtime. However, Rachel is determined to punish Fenner for neglecting her in favour of Shell and rebuffs him. Talking about Shell, she’s been leaning on Rachel again, threatening bodily harm to her and her baby daughter if she doesn’t persuade her mum to pick up a package from an address in Clapham and smuggle it in to the prison for her during visiting. Rachel phones her mum but she refuses to smuggle in what she correctly assumes to be drugs. With nowhere else to turn, Rachel confides in Fenner but he’s busy and makes it clear that he’s not interested.

After leaving the hospital, Zandra makes her way across London to Robin’s house in Richmond. Neither Robin or his mother are pleased to see Zandra, a feeling intensified when she informs them that she’s pregnant. Once he has recovered from the shock, Robin informs Zandra that her pregnancy hasn’t changed anything – he doesn’t want anything to do with her or the baby.

Rachel’s mum turns up to visit completely empty handed – no package and no baby. Rachel is more concerned about the absence of the package than her baby daughter until she discovers that her mum has put Maddie into care without consulting her. Across the room, Nikki is heart-broken when Trisha admits that she has been seeing someone else. Although initially she puts on a brave face, Nikki finally breaks down and confides in Monica who is concerned and sympathetic. In fact, Monica is so worried that Nikki might try to harm herself; she takes her concerns to Helen who promises that she will ask the POs to put Nikki on suicide watch.

Back at the clinic, Lorna and Dominic are on the verge of calling the prison when Zandra breezes in as if nothing has happened. After refusing to go ahead with her abortion, she is taken back to the prison. Lorna, who doesn’t want an escape attempt going down as a permanent black mark on her record, persuades an extremely reluctant Dominic that they should keep quiet and pretend that nothing happened.

Shell is furious when she discovers that Rachel’s mum didn’t bring her package. Once back on the wing, she engineers an accident in which Rachel ends up with a jug of scalding tea all over her. Later, Fenner finds Rachel crying in her cell, she threatens to tell Helen about their affair if he doesn’t do something about Shell, he responds by telling her that she’s on her own. Later, Shell begins to taunt Rachel through the wall. Rachel finally flips and starts smashing her cell up, hoping that her behaviour will earn her a spell down the block and away from Shell. However, Helen has heard about Maddie being put into care and decides to be lenient, taking away her enhanced status and putting her back into the dorm instead.

Rachel is pushed closer to edge by taunts from Denny and abuse from Fenner. After lock-up, Crystal tries to find out from Rachel why she trashed her cell, Rachel refuses to answer and then starts to cry, receiving a kick in the stomach from an impatient and vindictive Denny when she refuses to shut up. Later that night, Rachel wakes up to see Denny hanging out of the window and trying to catch something that Shell is swinging to her. When Denny finally manages to catch the swinger, she retrieves a piece of paper and hands it to Rachel. On the paper, Shell has drawn a crude picture of Rachel with the words ‘cut here’ written across her throat. Rachel, now truly alone with enemies everywhere she turns, decides that she’s had about as much of prison as she can stand and hangs herself. She is found dead by Zandra in the morning.

That night after lock-up, the usual banter between the women takes a macabre turn and several of them joke about Rachel’s death. Down in the dorm, Crystal is outraged by the apparent disrespect for the dead; she flings open her window and shuts the other women up by singing ‘Amazing Grace’.


Hollamby – “Where’s she skiving off to?”
Zandra – “Day by the seaside Miss.”
Hollamby – “I believe it n’all – it’s like Butlin’s in here – they’ll have us wearing red coats and doing party turns next!”

Fenner – “I’ve got a very important job to do in here.”
Rachel – “Like shagging Dockley you mean?”

Shell – “Do as I say and I might just be alright with you…disobey and I’ll cut your tits off!”

Dominic – “Miss Stewart’s going to love you when she hears about this.”
Zandra – “What’s she going to do? Send me to prison?”

Crystal – “The only person who can lead you out of captivity is the Lord.”
Zandra – “Lord Longford maybe, him up there don’t give a shit!”
Crystal – “That’s blasphemy Zandra! You could go to hell for that!”
Denny – “Bet she’s crapping herself.”

Nikki – “So much for the new regime. Things have changed alright; we’ve got dead bodies on the wing.”
Monica – “You can’t blame Miss Stewart for that.”
Nikki – “Look at them…bastards! Are you happy now? That the answer eh? Bang us all up ‘til we can’t stand it anymore, give us all a bodybag when we come in…save you the effort wouldn’t it? Just muck out the cells now and again before the flies get stuck in!”

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